One Step at a Time.


            As an only child, my mom and dad took me on some incredible vacations around the world. They say on vacations to take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints. And that’s exactly what I did.  At some point, I became the unofficial family photographer. Whether we left footprints in the sands of the Hawaiian shores or along the cobblestone canals of Venice, I took my photos with nothing but a point-and-shoot, pocket-sized Sony. It was my first step towards finding my passion. I carried that darn thing around capturing the sight-seeing, “touristy” shots as well as other elements off the beaten path. There was something I always cherished in that. But as responsibilities numbered and vacations slowed, that Sony and I parted ways.

            A few years later in college, I began to feel creative limitations. I decided to switch my major from business to something more artistic. I picked up new classes: piano, acting, and even graphic design. Despite my love for those arts, I wasn’t quite as happy until that pocket-sized Sony made it back into my hands. So, I began teaching myself how to use a camera everyday. After a few months, I saw an ad on campus about a photography contest. I decided to enter, and to my surprise, I won! While I do believe my love for photography would have ultimately grown organically, I can’t help but think the contest pushed my love into what I now call my passion.

            So here we are now, a little over two years later, on my website. Whether you are here for procrastination, or you are genuinely interested in seeing my work, I greatly appreciate it. In the span of time since my last shot on the good ol’ Sony, I’ve learned a terrific amount. In addition to still photography, I’ve grown to love film. And ultimately I plan to produce a lot within both media. A lot has changed. What hasn’t changed, however, is the passion that I bring to every shot. What I love about photography and cinematography is that I get to show people how I see the world. Sometimes that may be to inspire movement, or sometimes it may simply be to show its beauty. Whatever is to come, I will continue to take the same approach I took on those family vacations, and that is to take one step at a time.


Other interesting facts...
Age: 22
Other loves: The Indianapolis Colts/NFL, craft beer, aviation, trying new food
Favorite Film: Inglorius Bastards
Favorite Band: Coldplay
Favorite Rapper: Logic
Favorite Photographer: Harold Feinstein